Our Values

The Center for Jewish Nonviolence strives for a future that honors the full equality and shared humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis. We seek to bring a just and equitable end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza and a dismantling of the connected systems of oppression that harm communities on both sides of the Green Line: Palestinian and Israeli; Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Druze.

We are committed to the use of nonviolent civil resistance in all forms. This includes the use of proactive or disruptive nonviolence and non-cooperation, existence is resistance efforts, and critical education.

Guiding Principles:

Invited by Palestinians. On May 19, 2014 the Israeli army uprooted 1,500 trees at the Nassar family farm, Tent of Nations, near Bethlehem. On a call with Ilana Sumka, CJNV’s founder, Daoud Nassar asked for Jews to come help replant the trees. Ilana answered his invitation by organizing a delegation of Jews who traveled to Tent of Nations in February 2015 to replant these trees and affirm Daoud’s right to live on his land without harassment, violence, or threat. This impulse to be in close relationship with our partners, grounded in solidarity, and to follow their invitation as we co-vision shared resistance guides our work.

Resistive Relationships. We believe that relationships rooted in deep solidarity and co-resistance between Palestinians, Israelis, and Jews from around the world can and will disrupt and destabilize the material and ideological systems that uphold Occupation and oppress communities on both sides of the Green Line. We have seen these resistive relationships transform what is possible in our actions and in each of us, shifting movement landscapes and upending injustice. We also know that communities of solidarity foster resiliency and audacity.

We are growth-minded. We know that this work requires us to be flexible and adaptive, to learn from and be responsive to changing circumstances and possibilities. We believe that imaginative experimentation allows us to vision and actualize new realities so we push ourselves to the edges of what seems possible: strategically, politically, personally and spiritually.

We are active-pluralists. We invite multiple perspectives, approaches, beliefs and political ideologies, and we seek to cultivate conversation and negotiation about these differences. We come together under a common banner of solidarity and co-resistance. We believe that in coming together across these differences we gain greater collective power, and we challenge and push each other to become fuller and more developed justice-seekers. We know this isn’t always easy and requires us to be in deep and vulnerable relationship with each other.

Our Privilege.  As diaspora Jews we hold unique privilege and ability to navigate across the intensified divisions created and sustained by the Occupation. We use this power to play a connecting role for Jewish, Palestinian and Israeli groups and individuals who stand firmly against the occupation, particularly in terms of fostering and strengthening international↔on-the-ground connections and leveraging international support on the ground.

We recognize and leverage our privilege as international Jews, and we recognize that this privilege is not distributed equally amongst us, particularly along racial and gender lines. We support and amplify the efforts of those marginalized while working to dismantle and disrupt the systems that benefit some of us at the expense of others.

We are movement-minded. We see the successes and efforts of our partners as a part of our work. We believe that a vibrancy and diversity of strategies and entry-points are needed to bring about a just and equitable end to the Occupation.  

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As the on-the-ground reality continues to escalate, CJNV is committed to sustaining and strengthening our solidarity efforts.

Help us ensure that 2023 is a year of continued movement building with our Palestinian partners.