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The Problem We Address: A central mechanism of the Occupation is divide-and-conquer which isolates the efforts and struggles of communities and individuals, oftentimes pitting them against each other. This weakens and deflects those efforts away from the underlying problem, the system of Occupation.

How We Address It: CJNV strengthens and uplifts a robust and connected movement of Palestinians, Israelis and diaspora Jews committed to active shared-resistance. These relationships of solidarity and co-resistance disrupt the material and ideological systems that uphold Occupation and oppress communities on both sides of the Green Line.

We run delegations and campaigns which bring these communities together for Palestinian-led nonviolent civil resistance (Nonviolent Direct Action, Community Coresistance projects, and Critical Education), thereby modeling and amplifying the viability of shared-resistance. To find out more about past delegations, visit our Past Campaigns page.

We create a platform for coalition and joint-movement work that would likely be impossible given existing barriers between organizations and communities.

We build resistive relationships that transform what is possible in our actions and in each of us, shifting movement landscapes and upending injustice.

We boost and amplify the efforts of others in their communal and organizational strategic goals and in their cross-movement efforts.

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CJNV's work--building partnerships and networks of solidarity--is what we need to face the challenges ahead. Partnership and coresistance upend the systems of division and oppression of Jews against Palestinians. When those in power choose to ostracize and oppress, we choose to link arms and struggle. Join us in choosing solidarity and coresistance with a donation today.