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Our People

We are a diverse array of Jews and Jewish allies from around the world, from our 20’s to our 70’s. We represent a diversity of socio-economic statuses, gender and racial identities and sexual orientations, and we are diverse in our political opinions and affiliations. We are diverse in our observance or non-observance of Judaism. We all share a common commitment to seeking a just and equitable end to the Occupation through solidarity and joint-resistance with Palestinian and Israeli partners.


Campaign Organizer

Amna is a community organizer based in Southwest Georgia passionate about building progressive community. She works for 9to5 Georgia, an economic justice organization that advocates for working women. Her academic and organizing background is in Israel/Palestine and the American Jewish community, where she was specifically president of the J Street U National Student Board her senior year of college. In her spare time, she enjoys eating pizza and going down Reddit rabbit-holes.


Campaign Organizer

Ashley is a feminist, activist, writer, translator, teacher, and all-around badass based in New York and Italy. She has a decade of organizing and direct action experience in queer, feminist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist movements for justice. Since completing her PhD, Ashley has been teaching postcolonial philosophy, critical prison studies, ecofeminism, and intersectional theory at the university level.


Jerusalem Organizer

Erez Bleicher is an activist, writer, and political commentator living in Jerusalem. He has been involved in various movements for racial, economic, and gender justice and is currently organizing with All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective. He is interested in diasporism as an ethical framework of social action and in building vibrant Jewish participation in movements for racial justice in both Israel and the United States.


Campaign Organizer

Ethan is an organizer, trainer, and singer/songwriter based in Oakland, California. He works full time with Earthworks, where he supports frontline environmental justice campaigns against oil and gas pipelines. For the past decade, Ethan has been deeply involved in movements for climate, racial, and economic justice as a trainer, organizer, and direct action coordinator. He is an active member of IfNotNow and believes that the occupation is the greatest moral crisis facing the global Jewish community.


Web Person

David developed and maintains the CJNV website. He has been an anti-occupation activist since the 1980’s. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, David is a frequent speaker on nonviolent civil disobedience, direct action and solidarity activism challenging the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In the aftermath of the 2014 Gaza War, David met Ilana Sumka the founding director of the CJNV. Since then, he has participated in three CJNV delegations to Israel and Occupied Palestine. David is a professor of educational studies and digital technology.


Israel-Palestine-based Director of Campaigns

Isaac has lived in Jerusalem for 6 years and still misses Canadian winters. After studying Israel-Palestine in the University of Toronto’s Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies programs, Isaac left the classroom and joined the movement. A founding member of All That’s Left, Isaac got involved with CJNV in 2015 as a Jerusalem Organizer. Since then, he has helped build each of our growing delegations, our transformative relationships, and an organizing culture that has the steadfastness and the spirit to win.


Campaign Organizer

Maya is a social justice organizer originally from Pittsburgh and living in Jerusalem. She is a member of All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective, as well as other justice initiatives in the region. She serves as a gabbait of a traditional egalitarian minyan in Jerusalem and is invested in deep Torah learning and the creation of Jewish content around civil resistance. She has been involved in CJNV since 2016 and is stoked about nonviolent direct action.



Lesley organizes around Islamophobia issues with Jewish Voice for Peace in Chicago, organizing canvasses, demonstrations and prolonged campaigns. She is a featured speaker for Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism and has spoken on Islamophobia and antisemitism at numerous conferences and on several podcasts. Lesley was the inaugural recipient of  the Spirit of Open Communities award in 2016 and has also been recognized by the Muslim Community of Morton Grove for her work against racism and Islamophobia.


US-based Director of Campaigns

Oriel is an Israeli-American activist and educator. He currently lives in Tucson, AZ but grew up in Colorado. Prior to serving as the US-based Director of Campaigns, Oriel was a Lead Campaign Organizer of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence from 2015-2017. Oriel brings a passion for navigating, exploring and reconfiguring the intersections, differences and histories of Jewish power, identity and responsibility in Israel and the US and sees these geographies as both codependent and divergent.


Finance and Administrative Manager

Scout teaches body-positive sexual health education in Chicago Public Schools and community-based organizations. Originally introduced to anti-occupation organizing through feminist philosophy and feminist critiques of the occupation, intersectional feminism remains a key part of not only Scout’s Judaism but also Scout’s Palestinian solidarity work. Scout serves on the National Board of Jewish Voice for Peace and works as CJNV’s Finance and Administrative Assistant.

Ilana Sumka


Ilana served as the founding executive director of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence from 2012 – 2017.  With two decades of experience as an organizer, educator and activist, Ilana previously spent five years as the Jerusalem director of Encounter. A recipient of Dorot and Pardes fellowships in Israel, Ilana was recognized for her commitment to ending the Israeli occupation by being the first Jewish person to receive an honorary Bethlehem “passport” as part of the international Open Bethlehem campaign.

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Give today and help us continue our years-long and unwavering commitment to Palestinian activists in their non-violent struggle against the occupation, through building long lasting relationships and partnerships, and by bringing Jewish activists from around the world to engage in creative nonviolent activism.

This work--building partnerships and networks of solidarity--is what we need to face the challenges ahead. Partnership and coresistance upend the systems of division and oppression of Jews against Palestinians, and instead proclaims a vision solidarity, joint struggle and mutual support.

That choice is what is needed to take on the joined forces of division, bigotry and fear-mongering. When those in power choose to ostracize and oppress, we choose to link arms and struggle.

Now, as this calendar year comes to a close and the next one begins, join us in choosing solidarity and coresistance with a generous end of year contribution.

By joining in this end of year campaign and helping us reach our goal of $15,000 you are sustaining and bolstering years-long relationships and resistance work between Diaspora Jews, Palestinians and Israelis. Your commitment and investment helps strengthen and expand an unprecedented and boundary-pushing network of activists who choose solidarity and mutual liberation.

Already, in just a few weeks, another 50 Diaspora Jews will be in the West Bank standing alongside Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders in struggle against home demolitions and for freedom of movement and access to clean water.

After that, there will be more delegations, more opportunities to show up for our partners, and more moments to stand together and choose freedom and equality.

We all know that this doesn’t happen without countless hours spent planning, organizing, training, visioning and relationship-building. And, those hours are sustained by the support of hundreds of individuals like you and me who believe that solidarity and coresistance can upend the oppression the Israeli occupation and bring peace and justice to all of us.