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David developed and maintains the CJNV website. He has been an anti-occupation activist since the 1980’s. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, David is a frequent speaker on nonviolent civil disobedience, direct action and solidarity activism challenging the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In the aftermath of the 2014 Gaza War, David met Ilana Sumka the founding director of the CJNV. Since then, he has participated in three CJNV delegations to Israel and Occupied Palestine. David is a professor of educational studies and digital technology.

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CJNV's work—building partnerships and networks of solidarity—is what is needed to upend the systems of division and oppression of Jews against Palestinians. When those in power choose to ostracize and oppress, we choose to link arms and struggle. Join us in choosing solidarity and coresistance by donating to CJNV today!