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In order to grow in impact, which includes bringing more global delegations to Israel/Palestine to work alongside Palestinians and Israelis and engage in civil disobedience against the occupation, the Center for Jewish Nonviolence is hiring!

Are you, or is someone you know, excited by the idea of working full-time to support Jewish-Palestinian co-resistance and solidarity?

CJNV started in 2015 as a primarily volunteer organization that has run 4 delegations, brought over 200 activists from around the world to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, participated in work projects and direct actions in 9 different Palestinian communities, and was part of a historic coalition-action to reclaim a Palestinian village. By bringing Jews from around the world to join in solidarity and co-resistance work with Palestinians and Israelis, we strengthen and uplift a robust and connected movement committed to active shared-resistance to the occupation.

To make this work more sustainable and expand our impact year-round, we need to build our team. To do so we are hiring a Director of Fundraising and CommunicationsThis position will be central to shaping and carrying the future of CJNV. We’re beyond thrilled to bring someone into this role!

This position will be responsible for building and managing a vibrant and diverse fundraising program, crafting powerful immediate and long-term messaging and narratives, and bottom-lining and overseeing all of CJNV’s operations as a member of the executive team. Going forward, CJNV will have a 3-person team of full-time employees that has long-term and organization-wide responsibility and oversight. The Director of Fundraising and Communications will be one of these positions, along with the Israel/Palestine and US-based Directors of Campaigns. This is a full-time position.

To find out more about the position, take a look here. To apply, fill out the written application and submit your cover letter and resume here. If you have any questions, please reach out to Applications are due October 19th.
And, if you know someone who you think would be a great fit, tell them to reach out to or send them this info!

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Choose Solidarity and Coresistance for the Coming Year


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Give today and help us continue our years-long and unwavering commitment to Palestinian activists in their non-violent struggle against the occupation, through building long lasting relationships and partnerships, and by bringing Jewish activists from around the world to engage in creative nonviolent activism.

This work--building partnerships and networks of solidarity--is what we need to face the challenges ahead. Partnership and coresistance upend the systems of division and oppression of Jews against Palestinians, and instead proclaims a vision solidarity, joint struggle and mutual support.

That choice is what is needed to take on the joined forces of division, bigotry and fear-mongering. When those in power choose to ostracize and oppress, we choose to link arms and struggle.

Now, as this calendar year comes to a close and the next one begins, join us in choosing solidarity and coresistance with a generous end of year contribution.

By joining in this end of year campaign and helping us reach our goal of $15,000 you are sustaining and bolstering years-long relationships and resistance work between Diaspora Jews, Palestinians and Israelis. Your commitment and investment helps strengthen and expand an unprecedented and boundary-pushing network of activists who choose solidarity and mutual liberation.

Already, in just a few weeks, another 50 Diaspora Jews will be in the West Bank standing alongside Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders in struggle against home demolitions and for freedom of movement and access to clean water.

After that, there will be more delegations, more opportunities to show up for our partners, and more moments to stand together and choose freedom and equality.

We all know that this doesn’t happen without countless hours spent planning, organizing, training, visioning and relationship-building. And, those hours are sustained by the support of hundreds of individuals like you and me who believe that solidarity and coresistance can upend the oppression the Israeli occupation and bring peace and justice to all of us.