Our Values

Invited by Palestinians. All of our activities are led by and planned with our Palestinian partners. We are grounded in solidarity and close relationship with the communities and activists that we work with, and we follow their invitation as we co-vision the shared resistance that guides our work.

Resistive Relationships. We believe that relationships rooted in deep solidarity and co-resistance between Palestinians, Israelis, and Jews from around the world can and will disrupt and destabilize the material and ideological systems that uphold occupation and apartheid and oppress communities across Israel/Palestine.

We are growth-minded. We know that this work requires us to be flexible and adaptive, to learn from and be responsive to changing circumstances and possibilities. We seek to push the edges of what seems possible–strategically, politically, personally and spiritually–in order to vision and actualize different realities.

Our Privilege. Within a system that is built upon a notion of Jewish supremacy, we–as Jews from around the world–carry immense privilege that we can leverage to undo that very system. We recognize that this privilege is not distributed equally amongst us, particularly along racial and gender lines. We support and amplify the efforts of those marginalized while working to dismantle and disrupt the systems that benefit some os us at the expense of others.