Hineinu: A Sustained Solidarity Project

After a successful first cohort, the Center for Jewish Nonviolence (CJNV) will continue to pilot Hineinu and build and expand upon this new sustained solidarity project. We will bring 6 to 8 Jewish justice-seekers to spend three months in the South Hebron Hills and engage in daily solidarity activities, deepening relationships of coresistance.

“When you tell us that CJNV is returning next year, it makes me very happy because it shows you trust me. I don’t need people to come for just one year, we want a relationship that continues.”

– Awdah, Umm al-Khair

We’re currently visioning our next year of resistance and beyond, stay tuned for more updates!

Background and Context:

We know from our experience that the presence of solidarity activists mitigates settler and military violence against local activists and community residents in Area C of the occupied West Bank. CJNV has forged dynamic, sustained, and trusting relationships in solidarity with communities throughout the region across five years of coresistance against the occupation.

In February of 2021, in response to the intensified and unabated violence of the occupation during the COVID-19 pandemic, CJNV piloted a three-month solidarity project in the South Hebron Hills / Massafer Yatta. During this project, Hineinu activists supported local activists and communities in Massafer Yatta resist land dispossession by helping document state-sponsored settler attacks, military violence, home demolitions, and land seizures. Hineinu activists amplified these events and stories from the field as part of a larger coordinated campaign with Palestinian and Israeli activists: #SaveMassaferYatta. Our partners have made clear that this presence is meaningful and important, and must continue.

What is the project:

Hineinu participants will spend three months living in the South Hebron Hills / Massafer Yatta and engaging in daily solidarity activities in coordination with our Palestinian partners. They will accompany local residents while they are shepherding, farming, commuting, and engaging in a variety of activities in which they may face military or settler violence. Participants will be available to act in coordination with our partners in the event of home demolitions or other efforts to displace residents, to document ongoing settler and military violence and land seizure, and to participate in nonviolent action and solidarity work in the region.

Throughout the three months, participants will work to communicate their experiences to transnational audiences, crafting narratives that can advance coresistance efforts. They will work with Palestinian activists to highlight their stories and experiences living and resisting under occupation, serving to further amplify partners’ voices. As a part of a network of activists and organizations, Hineinu activists will support legal, media, and archival efforts to resist the ongoing displacement and violence targeted at Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills. Over the course of the program, participants will build relationships that will expand and strengthen CJNV’s working network of solidarity and coresistance.

During the three months, CJNV will provide participants with room and board, logistical support, nonviolent direct action training, orientation, workshops and group facilitation. There will also be Arabic classes with local teachers to empower you in your work as a Jewish solidarity activist in the South Hebron Hills.

Purpose and Desired Impacts:

This project will offer urgent solidarity while expanding the capacity for joint civil disobedience and sustained action in the South Hebron Hills. We will leverage international Jewish privilege to mitigate violence against residents of the region. We will amplify the voices and stories of our Palestinian partners while meaningfully contributing to nonviolent popular struggle and resilience in the region.

We also want to model a Jewish ethical vision anchored in values of solidarity, justice, and equality. In past delegations and actions, CJNV has modeled an embodied vision of the shared future we are working toward. Hineinu is expanding this work by bringing Jewish internationals to live with Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, contend with and struggle against the daily realities of state violence, and actively demonstrate a Jewish commitment to joint resistance and collective freedom.

Want to learn more about Hineinu? Contact us!

If you are interested in this project, have questions, or would like to discuss further, please reach out to Oriel at oriel@cjnv.org or Clare at clare@cjnv.org.

A note about COVID-19:

We are vigilantly monitoring the health guidelines and travel regulations as they emerge. Our first priority is the health and wellness of our participants and our partners. We are developing plans and contingencies that account for various circumstances and will be in active conversation with each person interested in this project. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

For the safety of our participants and partners, we require proof of full vaccination for all participants and uphold covid safety practices that align with CDC and Israeli and Palestinian Health Ministry recommendations. COVID practice and protocol will be discussed ahead of our time in the South Hebron Hills.

*As we continue to navigate pandemic-related changes, CJNV will communicate any changes in a timely manner.

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