In the Media

One of CJNV’s major contributions is to lift up and amplify Palestinian voices and co-resistance. Toward this end, our delegations have garnered significant international media attention.

Mizrahi Left Project 2021

Hineinu Spring 2021

Winter Delegation 2019/2020

Spring Delegation 2019


From Sarura to Standing Rock: Home is a Human Right
Home is a Human Right                                      photo credit | Gili Getz

Delegation 2017 – Justice Justice You Shall Pursue

Standing Ground at Cinema Hebron                                                                       photo credit | A. Daniel Roth

Delegation 2016 – Occupation is Not Our Judaism

Readying the soil at Tent of Nations                                                                                                       photo credit | Shlomo Roth

Delegation 2015 – Tree Replanting


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CJNV's work—building partnerships and networks of solidarity—is what is needed to upend the systems of division and oppression against Palestinians. When those in power choose to ostracize and oppress, we choose to link arms in struggle.

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