Next Campaign

“When you tell us that CJNV is returning next year, it makes me very happy because it shows you trust me. I don’t need people to come for just one year, we want a relationship that continues.” 

– Awdah, Umm al-Khair


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The Center for Jewish Nonviolence brings Jewish activists from around the world to Israel-Palestine to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Palestinian and Israeli partners for joint struggle and solidarity work. Activities will include the use of creative nonviolence and non-cooperation, existence is resistance efforts, and critical education.


As policies and practices of hate, discrimination and displacement take root and gain increasing legitimacy in Israel and around the world, it is more important than ever to come together in spirited solidarity and resistance. We will build on the wave of global grassroots resistance, such as the struggle of local families, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists to block Israel’s plans to demolish and displace the entire village of Khan al-Ahmar.

We believe that relationships rooted in deep solidarity and co-resistance between Palestinians, Israelis, and Jews from around the world will disrupt and destabilize the material and ideological systems that uphold the Israeli Occupation. Systems which harm communities on both sides of the Green Line, Palestinian and Israeli. We have seen these resistive relationships transform what is possible in our actions and in each of us, shifting movement landscapes and upending injustice.

On the ground, the network of civil resistance is rooting in the possibilities of this historical moment – where people power binds us together and breaks us out of the status quo. This is a moment to choose each other: to link arms, protect land, and build collective power. All we need is you.


The Center for Jewish Nonviolence has relationships with a variety of Palestinian and Israeli grassroots activists to support their ongoing projects and resistance work. CJNV activists will engage in a variety of nonviolent campaigns and activities in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Israel.


We invite multiple perspectives, approaches, beliefs and political ideologies, and we seek to cultivate dialogue and negotiation about these differences. Those affiliated with CJNV take a variety of positions on the Right of Return, BDS, solutions, Zionism, etc. We come together under a common banner of solidarity and co-resistance. We believe that in coming together across these differences we gain greater collective power, and we challenge and push each other to become fuller and more developed justice-seekers. We know this isn’t always easy and requires us to be in deep and vulnerable relationship with each other.


Learning, reflecting, and skill-sharing is a vital component to building vibrant networks of resistance. As part of our time together, we will devote time to shared learning and discussion about themes, histories, strategies, and tactics related to our work. We will also provide time and space for participant-led workshops, in addition to delving deeply into regional and site-specific education with our partners.

Ahead of the delegations we encourage group learning to prepare for our time on the ground. This helps us to be responsible activists entering into landscapes and communities that are not our own, to develop ourselves as leaders in this movement, and to cultivate a righteous, audacious and grounded community. As a group, we hold a variety of political positions, analyses and conclusions. We believe that in coming together across these differences we gain greater collective power, and we challenge and push each other to become fuller and more developed justice-seekers. We aim to reflect the pluralism of the group in the materials we compile. Here is a sample of a pre-delegation curriculum.


*Our participating activists represent many genders, sexualities, races, nationalities, socio-economic classes, levels of formal education, forms of religious observance, and organizational affiliations. We embrace this diversity and expect that all participating activists will act with openness and respect toward all other participating activists at all times.

We believe a robust and diversely connected movement is most powerful in building sustainable grassroots resistance and that we must actively transform the ways oppressive systems are perpetuated and internalized within our justice movements. That involves centering those most affected by structural oppression and cultivating a broad and diverse network of Jewish justice-seekers. We recognize that our organizing space is white-Ashkenazi dominant, and we warmly encourage Jews of Color, Mizrahi, and Sephardi Jews to apply and have scholarships available to support JOCSM leadership.