Hineinu 2021

Hineinu activists engage in three months of daily solidarity work in Masafer Yatta/South Hebron Hills (SHH). In this photo essay from Emily Glick, you can see a collection of the types of activities the Hineinu 2021 cohort engaged in.

Bob, Oriel, and Muslah shepherding in Jabl Dov
Sunset in the South Hebron Hills
Sharing a meal
Clare, Awdah, and Oriel at a celebration in Um al-Khair
Outside the guest house at night
IDF arresting man at a demolition during Ramadan
Bob and Sam shepherding in Jabl Dov
Evening in the South Hebron Hills
Birthday Celebration
Confronting the IDF in the field
Back window of Hineinu vehicle smashed in by Israeli settlers
Windshield of Hineinu vehicle damaged in by Israeli settlers
Trunk of Hineinu vehicle destroyed by Israeli settlers
Shepherding in Zanouta
Documenting the Army during Netanyahu’s visit to the Susiya archaeological site for a campaign event
Storytelling class in At-Tuwani
Firing Zone tour with Breaking the Silence
Documenting demolitions
Taking a break during a work day in the Mothers of Sumud Garden, At-Tuwani
Hanging out (with Watan) in Umm al-Kheir
Doing the dishes after Iftar (Ramadan break fast meal) in Umm al-Kheir
Making tea in Umm al Kheir
Sunset in Umm al Kheir