Share Tweet “CJNV delegations are made up of one precious and poignant moment after another. The quality of the action planning and coordination was great so I felt ready to put myself in harm’s way to defend Palestinians’ rights to…

Jim – Participant 2017

Share Tweet “It was a transformative experience for my politicization and relationship-building to be in the long-term struggle in solidarity for Palestinian self-determination.” Share Tweet

Simone – Participant 2017

Share Tweet “Three or four years ago, when people came to demolish, we had no photos or videos. Now, if the bulldozers come, we have 10 people with cameras and within minutes, we have people all over the world watching.…

Awdah – Umm al-Khair

Share Tweet “This experience left me deeply troubled, but also more hopeful then ever. I feel so grateful for this opportunity to see more fully the reality of the occupation and to be part of a brave, vibrant, brilliant community…

Nina – Participant 2017

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