Share Tweet “We were doing it all together, the activists joined all together and brought their own expertise, they talked about their own women’s groups…This is how we have to work, bringing groups together so that all people feel that…

Fatma – Rural Women’s Association of the South Hebron Hills

Share Tweet “After returning to the U.S., the embodied memory of my time with CJNV– the coresistance, the connected struggle, and witnessing the urgency and stakes of the problem continue to fuel, clarify, and sharpen my organizing.” Share Tweet

Sarah – Trip Leader 2020

Share Tweet “You are from the people that keep supporting the Palestinian people in this area. May we have not just 5 years of working together but thousands, I know we will do more exciting and important things together in…

Samiha – Youth of Sumud

Share Tweet “It was a transformative experience for my politicization and relationship-building to be in the long-term struggle in solidarity for Palestinian self-determination.” Share Tweet

Simone – Participant 2017

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