In the Media

One of CJNV’s major contributions is to lift up and amplify Palestinian voices and co-resistance. Toward this end, our delegations have garnered significant international media attention.

Delegation Summer 2022

Hineinu Spring 2022

Winter 2021

Mizrahi Left Project 2021

Hineinu Spring 2021

Winter Delegation 2019/2020

Spring Delegation 2019


From Sarura to Standing Rock: Home is a Human Right
Home is a Human Right                                      photo credit | Gili Getz

Delegation 2017 – Justice Justice You Shall Pursue

Standing Ground at Cinema Hebron                                                                       photo credit | A. Daniel Roth

Delegation 2016 – Occupation is Not Our Judaism

Readying the soil at Tent of Nations                                                                                                       photo credit | Shlomo Roth

Delegation 2015 – Tree Replanting


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