A man kneels down to pour tea for a few other people sitting with him on the dirt. The tea is being served in small glasses on top of a white decorative serving tray.

Hineinu 2023

Talented photographer and friend of CJNV, Emily Glick is working with us to document the stories emerging from our 2023 Hineinu cohort. More photos and stories will be published here throughout the duration of the program.

Applications are open for the next Hineinu cohort!

Heavily armed soldiers in green uniforms lead a man toward a military jeep. Behind them is a cement truck and green hills..


April 4, 2023 — On a recent Sunday morning, a week and a half into Ramadan, a resident of Tuwani village hired a cement truck to help him with a construction project he had planned for his family’s home. Only a few hours later, the army entered the village and, without explanation or paperwork, ordered that the construction be stopped and stated that they would be confiscating the truck.

People writing Arabic words into their notebooks while seated on the floor.

Learning Arabic

March 17, 2023 — “Do you know how to say demolition? What about they took a tent? Or, I called the police?” DD was sitting on the steps in Tuwani, reviewing her notes before her Arabic lesson later that afternoon. “My homework is to write about my day yesterday,” she explained, “and unfortunately all of these phrases are relevant.” 

A farm with various work vehicles, a couple structures for housing livestock, and a few other small, one-level buildings. Dozens of tires rest on top of the roofs. In the surrounding area, there are rolling green hills, dirt roads, and one concrete road.

Shepherding in Al-Nizan

February 26, 2023 — Across Masafer Yatta and the South Hebron Hills, many Palestinians are entering the heart of the shepherding season. As the winter rains subside and temperatures begin to warm, the agricultural communities of the region are bringing their flocks out daily to graze their sheep in the lush fields.