Summer 2022 Delegation

For the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic, we brought a group of Jewish activists from across North America and the UK to Israel-Palestine to stand in coresistance with our Palestinian and Israeli partners. Over ten days, we learned, worked, and resisted with partners in the South Hebron Hills/Masafer Yatta, East Jerusalem, and Jaffa.

On May 4th, 2022, the Israeli High Court rejected the decade-long appeal of the residents of Masafer Yatta, paving the way for 8 villages and over 1,000 Palestinians who live in so-called Firing Zone 918 to be evicted by the Israeli army. Just a month later, our delegation arrived in the region to support the residents in their struggle and bring an additional spotlight to the situation in Masafer Yatta.

On June 7th, we heard from activists and residents in different villages in the region about the general situation and how things have changed with the court decision. On June 8th, we joined with partners from these different villages to help rehabilitate one of the main access roads to the Firing Zone – moving boulders, filling potholes, and clearing roadblocks.

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On June 10th, we stood with our partners as they protested the regular closures of another Masafer Yatta access road. Settlers regularly block the road with giant boulders, and the army (even though the Israeli High Court has ordered them to) does not remove the roadblocks. Together, we went to move the boulders out of the road, but within minutes the army and border police violently dispersed us. The army and police pushed activists to the ground and threw round after round of stun grenades and tear gas. During the protest, settlers blocked an activist car that was leaving the scene and smashed the car with stones. 

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Activists also visited communities in East Jerusalem and Jaffa to see the ways that occupation, apartheid and the ongoing impacts of 1948 affect these communities. They also returned to the Masafer Yatta region to work with a women’s cooperative to strengthen their daily resistance efforts. 

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